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Complete Brake, Engine, & Transmission Repairs

Keep your vehicle running with engine, brake, and transmission repair services from our auto repair shop in Greenfield, Indiana. Greenfield Automotive was started to provide better auto repair services at prices that are lower than our competitors. We can match or beat any estimate from a certified shop. Contact us at (317) 477-4225 for more information about our auto repair prices.
Transmission Repair Services
Greenfield Automotive specializes in complete transmission repair and maintenance services, including overhauls, rebuilds, and replacements. It is recommended that you have your transmission serviced every 50,000 miles for better performance and to avoid costly repairs.
Engine Repair Services
Greenfield Automotive offers complete engine repairs for any type of vehicle and can provide you with a complete overhaul of your engine. We perform all of the engine repair services you need, including replacing head and in-take gaskets, changing out plugs and wires, and even boarding your engine out to help you get better performance from it. We'll even replace your engine with a new or used one, depending on your needs and budget.
Classic Car, Transmission Repair in Greenfield, IN
Brake Repair Services
When you hear your brakes squeak, feel a pulsation when you are coming to a stop, or just don't feel comfortable while driving, it is time for our brake repair services. We offer complete brake repairs that'll get you stopping on a dime again, including replacing pads and rotors, resurfacing rotors, leaking lines, and bleeding the brakes.

 Contact us in Greenfield, Indiana, at (317) 477-4225 for more
information about our engine, brake, and transmission repair services.